Elevator + Fire = One Late Assignment

So I wasn't going to post this, but figured I might as well type something about it somewhere.

Today, my school decided to blow up.  Not completely true, but an elevator within one of the departments started throwing fireballs out into the hall.  Apparently it was an amazing view, but I was in class at the time, unfortunately.

So yes, this leads to two things I need to complain about.

1) My coat was in the area where the fire started, so I now smell of burnt wires and plastic.

2) I had an assignment due today that I wasn't able to hand in, and I don't think the professor will care much that we couldn't hand it in after 2.  He'll question us as to why it wasn't handed in before then.  So there goes 3% of my mark.

So yeah...just wanted others to know my pain.  Comment if anything like this has happened to you, or even about scenarios that have caused you to not hand in your homework.

tl;dr  Elevator explosions ruin lives and smell bad.

Marble Hornets Entry #1

Check it out.  It's an amazing series!  It just takes a while for them to make more of them.  Tell me what you think!


Marble Hornets

For all of those not familiar with this series, you should start watching it!  It's weird at parts, but is quite interesting!  Leave a comment about what you think!


P2P vs. F2P

So I've been discussing this topic today with a bunch of my friends.  Why do P2P games think they can get away with charging people about $15 a month?  I know, a lot of people will say it's better because it keeps the large number of annoying people away, however, it also keeps a lot of willing people who just don't have the funds (ie.  University students).  I can't see how they would cost any more money than the current games that have free online capability (such as Call of Duty which has hundreds of thousands of people online at any given time).  Instead of paying a monthly fee, why not just charge for extra area's in the game and such?  I just find it very annoying...blah


First of many!

Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce that I am now in charge of a brand spankin' new blog!  I'll be posting fun and exciting things that I find around the internet, hoping to satisfy your internet taste buds!

To start this out, I'll post an amusing cover of one of my favourite game trailers.