Final Fantasy XIII?! I think so

So I recently borrowed FFXIII off of a friend.  I've been trying to buy it for a while, since I had a $20 gift card at HMV (I hate buying at HMV, but my brother got me a gift for Christmas that I already had [typical brother], so I took it back and got in-store credit), but right when I tried to get it, the price almost doubled and the gift card made really no impact of me purchasing it there or elsewhere...so I waited for it to come down.

Anyway, I waited a while until I asked my friend if I could borrow it.  I got it this past Saturday.  As of yesterday, I had invested about 53 hours into it and am already post game.  It's a lot of fun, and it made me fall in LOVE with gunblades again.  Infact, I now NEED a replica of Lightnings gunblade in this game.  Possibly even her dagger.

Anybody else play this game and love it?  Tell me your thoughts!  I don't think it's the BEST FF out there, but it was definitely a lot of fun to play, and I get really emotionally attached to characters, so sobby stories always pull me in.  Any other games that you think would be worth while playing?  Leave a comment so I know some (I have a Wii and 360, so on either of those systems).


  1. Never played it, but I'll try it out! glad I'm following you.

  2. Yeah I have it but I barely play it... just cant seem to get attatched I guess... maybe im that way about most single player games these days. I really need to go back and finnish it off though.

    FFX is still my all time favourite though

  3. Haven't played it :) Have fun though!

  4. @ Andy

    Yeah, FFX is pretty fun. That was actually the first FF game I played, but then went back and played a bunch of others. Wishing I had time to play them all, but that's doubtful.

  5. i havent played it yet, but i really want to.