Sorry Again =(

Hey everyone!

I've been away for a while trying to finish up some homework from school.  It's my reading week now, which means I have a week off, but I had an assignment that was still due yesterday.  Painful trying to get everything done =(.  I've got 5 courses and an honours project to handle this term, which is much more work than I could hope for...so I do apologize if I disappear randomly again throughout the next few weeks.

More news, my school may go on strike now.  Well, not the entire school, but the TA's are.  We find out March 14th if the university and the TA's union can form a deal.  If they can't, then there will be a strike...worst case scenario, I have to wait until later next year to finish my courses and actually graduate.  Best case scenario, they come to an agreement and end this nonsense now.  Here's for hoping.

Anyway, has anyone else had experience of dealing with a strike?  I'm concerned about me actually graduating and what impact it can have (current job offers can get taken away, etc).  If you have experience, leave a comment about it!  If you don't, tell me how shitty my situation is, or tell me it'll get better!

Thanks guys and gals, and once again, sorry for the delay >,<


  1. Thats kind of crazy!

  2. Wow thats crazy! good luck :) don't worry about us bloggers.

  3. that sucks, hope things work out for ya.